We've just deployed the redesigned forum system - the biggest single change we've made since our forums were created, over 13 years ago. As discussed in an earlier news post, the new software will closely match the behavior of the existing system but with a range of additional features and with scope for further expansion in the future. We've sifted through the feedback from the preview announcement we made last week and have developed a list of requested features that we will start working on.

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Existing feedback:

From our first round of feedback we have identified a series of features that we will be implementing in the coming weeks and months, including:

  • 'm.forums' mobile-device-friendly version of the forums
  • Alternative colorschemes / skins
  • 'Ignore thread' option
  • 'Mark as read' option for threads
  • Additional requested tweaks and improvements

But we've listened to all the feedback and will continue to add features and behavioral adjustments.

Clarification on user moderation:

We would also like to make a clarification about community moderation and the role of down-voting in the new forums. When we talk about community moderation, we are referring to a group of hand-picked moderators who have volunteered from within the forums communities and whose actions will be overseen, not simply entrusting moderation to up- and down-voting. We will also be working very carefully when setting thresholds for any systems based on voting so that they can't be easily rigged. These systems will not be introduced until we think they can be introduced in a way that truly benefits the community.

More features coming

In addition to the requested tweaks and feature additions that were requested in the first round of feedback, there are a series of features that the new system will allow us to add. These include:

  • User reviews
  • User articles / blog posts
  • User polls
  • Better filtering (time / date ranges ...)
  • Trending / hot stuff page
  • Better integration with product pages (ability to ask / see questions on product pages...)

More feedback wanted

However, we know that a change this big will inevitably have a few teething troubles and features that need to be fine-tuned, so we're looking for feedback on any bugs you spot or changes you think have to be made. Please send your feedback using this webform, where they will be monitored to help make the new forums as enjoyable as possible.