Sony has announced it plans to release several firmware updates for A-mount and E-mount systems on February 4, 2013. Updates to Alpha and NEX bodies relate mostly to lenses, including the addition of Dual-AF support for 11 lenses on the A99V, and Fast Hybrid AF support for six E-mount lenses on the NEX-5R and NEX-6, among others. Three E-mount lenses also get updates to enable Fast Hybrid AF support. See table below for more detail on which bodies and lenses will get updates.

 A-mount Body Firmware update SLT-A99E-mount Body Firmware update
 E-mount Lens Firmware update
 Dual AF/Fast Hybrid AF support
  • SAL24F20Z
  • SAL85F14Z
  • SAL135F18Z
  • SAL70300G
  • SAL70200G
  • SAL35F14G
  • SAL1635Z
  • SAL100M28
  • SAL50M28
  • SAL85F28
  • SAL300F28
  • SEL1018
  • SEL35F18
  • SELP18200
  • SEL30M35
  • SEL50F18
  • SEL18200LE
  • SEL30M35
  • SEL50F18
  • SEL18200LE

Automatic compensation support

  • SLT-A99V/A77/65/57/37
  • SAL100M28, SAL50M28, SAL85F28, SAL18200, SAL20F28

  • NEX-7/5N/F3
  • SELP1650