The 1080p video cameras from Ace Electronics Enterprise may challenge GoPro.

Chinese manufactures Ace Electronics Enterprise (AEE) are known for their collection of police video cameras, dashcams and flying drones. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week they also showcased their tiny HD video cameras. Recording at 1080p and able to sent video through wifi, AEE’s MagiCam video recorders are similar in appearance to the popular GoPro cameras. Along with its HD MagiCam, AEE has 3D and wide angle versions. 

AEE offers different kits to take the cameras skiing, surfing or biking, and has a case to send the cameras up to 100 meters. AEE says the cameras are available in most big box stores, though a quick Google search came up lacking. When the MagiCam video recorders do hit the American market, GoPro will have some major competition.