Visual Supply Company has announced 'VSCO Keys,' a keyboard shortcut customization tool for Adobe Lightroom 3 or 4. It aims to make working in Lightroom more efficient, but the $125 price tag (only a fraction less than Lightroom itself) is likely to limit its appeal to photographers who aren't profiting from their work. The software comes with two presets, one of which adds shortcuts without clashing with any of the software's native controls, while a more comprehensive one replaces several of them. A 14-day free trial allows you to assess the value of the efficiency savings to your workflow.

Beyond the existing shortcut presets, it's possible to create your own, either building on the VSCO defaults or starting from scratch. Shortcuts can also invoke one of 10 processing presets within Lightroom, if you regularly use the same processing as a starting point. As has become normal for Visual Supply Company, there are all manner of videos and minimalist web pages explaining and extolling the utility of VSCO Keys, one of which reveals that the software is available for both Mac and PC. (via Petapixel)

Visual Supply Company points out that there are several more-expensive tools and claims to offer more capability: 'In this case we are the budget option in the space and we offer 10x the feature set.'

Updated with lowered price (10/24/12)

Visual Supply company has lowered the price of VSCO Keys to $79, or under $60 for VSCO Film owners.