Missed this one on Monday, the mostly unknown OEM provider SiliconTech as announced a 320MB flash memory Compact Flash Type II card. Here's their official press release.

SiliconTech, Inc., a leader in innovative memory design and manufacturing for the OEM industry, today announced its 320 MB Type II CompactFlash card, the highest capacity available in this form factor. SiliconTech reaches its high capacity while maintaining its industry leading Read and Write speeds of up to 3 MB per second Write and up to 1.5 MB per second Read.

Reaching 320 MB capacity has previously required the use of a full size PCMCIA flash card or a rotating media device. The CompactFlash card offers significant benefits over rotating media including greater reliability through its solid state design, reduced power requirements, and greater shock resistance.

SiliconTech achieves its high capacity through innovative engineering that includes the use of its patented stacking technology used to stack the flash components. The card is 5mm thick, has 50 pins, and is compatible with any full size Type II slot with the use of a CompactFlash Type II adapter. The CompactFlash Type II (CF/2) standard was adopted by the CompactFlash Association in March of 1998.

``SiliconTech is proud to continue its tradition of industry leading firsts with our new high-capacity CompactFlash Type II product family,'' said Michael Hajeck, worldwide vice president and general manager, SiliconTech. ``With the continued evolution of smaller form factor computing platforms combined with the ever increasing demand for increased functionality and storage, we see the demand for high capacity, high performance CompactFlash cards exponentially increasing in the new millennium.''

The SiliconTech 320MB card is a 256-Mbit flash device using AND architecture. The card can accept either 3.3V or 5V power supply and feature operating and non-operating shock resistance up to 2000G, the equivalent to a 10-foot drop.

Reaching high capacity storage in a CompactFlash card will allow future cards to potentially include features inside the flash card. Such features may include fax modems, Ethernet, paging ability, and other I/O technologies. Additionally, the small size of the high capacity CompactFlash cards provide system engineers with the ever-vital board space they require for their increasingly complex designs.

Current pricing for the SiliconTech 320 MB CompactFlash Type II cards in OEM quantities of 1000 is approximately $795.