In a unique partnering agreement with DPReview and ColorVision we are able to offer DPReview visitors preferred pricing on the award winning ColorVision Monitor Spyder with PhotoCal or OptiCal software. The Spyder can be used on both CRT and LCD displays (Laptop or Desktop) and will ensure that your display is accurately calibrated and profiled so that you get optimum colour. Is there anything worse, in the digital darkroom, than a badly setup monitor? The Spyder with PhotoCal or Optical will ensure you get the most accurate colour from your display.

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Press Release:

DPReview and ColorVision Team Up to Offer DPReview Visitors Special Pricing on Spyder™ Products for Monitor Calibration

An Essential Tool for Digital Photographers

DPReview and ColorVision, a division of Datacolor, today announced a partnership formalizing a preferred offer to DPReview visitors on Spyder products. The partnership was driven by the demand and success of a promotion run during the summer, initiated by a flood of requests from DPReview visitors to re-instate the program after it expired.

ColorVision is offering DPReview visitors special pricing on its entire line of Spyder monitor calibration products (click here). All packages include the award-winning Spyder, an all-digital, seven-filter colorimeter. Two of the packages being offered include a Spyder that works with both LCD and CRT monitors, while the other two more affordable packages include a version of the Spyder that works on CRT monitors only. The Spyder calibrates your monitor to a universal standard for color and automatically creates a correct monitor profile. The end result - a monitor that displays accurate color and lets you trust what you see on screen.

"We learned a lot from the promotion we ran together this summer," said Brian Levey, Vice President of ColorVision. "First, DPReview visitors are at the 'cutting edge' of the digital darkroom and know the value of a calibrated display. Second, DPReview is a community; the forums are informative, constructive, and provide ColorVision with immediate feedback on our products and customer service. And, DPReview visitors prefer to buy through suppliers and merchants that support DPReview. The DPReview visitor is a loyal, informed and demanding customer. Just as it should be."

As the use of digital cameras continues to explode, the need for monitor calibration has evolved from being a luxury to a necessity. The Spyder provides excellent performance at an affordable price and is now recognized as an essential accessory for the digital darkroom - especially for professionals and advanced amateurs. With this partnership, DPReview and ColorVision are making it easier for digital photographers to take the leap into digital color control.

"The Spyder is a product that the DPReview user base needs," said Phil Askey, owner of DPReview. "During the summer promotion, ColorVision proved themselves to be a supportive and responsive partner. We look forward to working together with them on providing Spyder products - as well as new products planned for the future - to our visitors."