Phase One has announced official details of its new A-Series medium format cameras after information about the new pairing of the company's digital backs with an Alpa body and lenses was leaked in November.

As was reported at the time, the series will comprise Phase One 50MP, 60MP and 80MP backs, combined with the Alpa 12 TC body and a choice of three lenses – the Alpagon 5.6/23mm, Alpar 4.0/35mm and the Alpagon 5.6/70mm. These lenses provide similar angles of view to 15mm, 22mm and 45mm lenses on full frame DSLR cameras.

Although each of the backs on offer has its own rear screen, the A-Series cameras will come with a clamp to hold an iPhone or iPad so captured images can be wirelessly transmitted onto the larger screen of these devices for more accurate checking of focus etc. As the new CMOS-based IQ250 back has a live streaming facility users will be able to check details on an iPad or iPhone before the shot is taken, as well as after in playback mode.

The information just released includes news that the 80MP IQ280, the 60MP IQ260 and 50MP IQ250 backs will be factory calibrated with the lenses on offer in the range, so that they will come pre-loaded with selectable color and behavior profiles to handle the characteristics of each lens. These profiles can be chosen on the back itself, or via an iOS device using the provided version of the Capture Pilot app. Corrections will then by applied by the camera at the time of shooting, and will be maintained when images are loaded into the bundled Capture One Pro 8.1 software package.

According to Phase One each of the A-Series models has its own specific speciality. The A280 will have super-high resolution with its 80MP CCD sensor, while the A260 will be ideal for long exposures will a lowest ISO of 50 and a longest shutter speed of 60 minutes. The A250 uses the new 50MP CMOS sensor that has a top ISO rating of 6400, which makes it more flexible when away from the studio.

The Phase One A280 will cost $55,000/43,000 Euro, the A260 will cost $48,000/38,000 Euro and the A250 will be $47,000/36,000 Euro, with that price including a kit that features the Alpar 4.0/35mm lens. The Alpagon 5.6/23mm will cost approximately $9070/7110 Euro on its own, and the Alpagon 5.6/70mm will be $4520/3510 Euro.

The company says that the cameras will be serviced as whole units, and not as individual parts, and each kit comes with a 5-year warranty that covers the complete system. For more information visit the Phase One website.

Press release:

Phase One Delivers A-series cameras - for the Fine Art of Photography

COPENHAGEN, December 17, 2014 -- Phase One today begins shipping the first A-series medium format camera systems. Blending the best of Phase One and ALPA technology through highly-integrated precision components, these cameras are designed to capture outstanding images with greater ease, convenience, and fun.

The three Phase One A-series models include the A250, A260 and A280. They are based on the ALPA 12TC mirrorless camera body, plus a Phase One medium format IQ2 Aseries digital back -- the 50 megapixel CMOS-based IQ250; the long-exposure-capable 60 megapixel, full frame IQ260; or the highest-resolution 80 megapixel full frame IQ280. Each model comes with the 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens. There are two optional lenses available, including the ultra-wide 23mm, and the all-round 70mm, ALPA HR Alpagon, both offering perfect edge-to-edge sharpness and the ability to resolve full frame medium format sensors.

Exclusive to the Phase One A-series are the models' factory configured in-camera lens calibrations, making the need to create and apply color cast correction profiles (LCCs) optional. One can simply attach an A-series lens and start shooting. 

A-series features:

  • The three A-series Rodenstock Alpagon/Alpar lens profiles are factory calibrated, configured and preloaded on the new IQ2 A-series digital backs to get the most out of each medium format sensor. Using the new firmware and A-series camera mode, photographers simply select the lens used and corrections are then automatically processed in camera and when importing to Capture One Pro 8.1.
  • A new version of Capture Pilot permits checking the selected A-lens directly from an iOS device. Once images are captured, they are wirelessly displayed in Capture Pilot, to validate focus, exposure and composition.
  • The A250 can stream Live View wirelessly to ease focusing and composition. With the ALPA smart device holder, one can mount both iPhones and iPads directly on the camera.
  • Each model is serviced as a complete system, with a 5-year warranty. For optimal raw processing and image editing, the Phase One A-Series systems ship with Capture One Pro 8.1 as well as Capture Pilot 1.8 for remote viewing. Camera accessories include: release cables, lens shades, straps, covers, a special A-series transport case designed by F-Stop Gear, and an iPhone and iPad holder to attach devices in waist-level mode.

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