Film industry accessory manufacturer Cinoflex was recently tasked with rigging up a new Sony a7S mirrorless camera for use on a Chevrolet commercial. After some testing, the Cinoflex Type SA7S Camera System was created to allow the filmmakers to attach the necessary range of auxiliary equipment needed on a high budget commercial shoot.

The a7S features a full-frame sensor which is much larger than the Super 35 sized sensors found in typical high-end digital video cameras like the Red Epic or the Arri Alexa, two of the cameras that you would normally expect to find on such a project. The larger sensor, coupled with the low 12.2MP pixel count, gives the a7S excellent low light performance, a claimed 15.3 stop dynamic range and a maximum ISO setting of 409,600.

'Our specific tests we're focused on lens fall-off and sensor reaction. The dynamic range was also very surprising, great tonal rendition in the shadows...Truly a WOW camera for the quality of the sensor' said Cinoflex.

Whilst Sony designed the 4K capable a7S with video in mind, there's always considerable ergonomic challenges to overcome when you want to incorporate such a small camera into a professional shoot. The Type SA7S rig creates a solid platform behind the camera that has allowed Cinoflex to add a large Anton Bauer battery pack, as well as wireless controls for focusing the enormous Nikon 600mm f/4 lens. Since the a7S only features an HDMI output for the video feed, and most professional on-set equipment uses HD-SDI, the rig is also fitted with an HDMI to HD-SDI converter. 

Cinoflex commented on its Facebook page, 'For this camera the biggest challenge is the infrastructure... Bottom line, the sensor in this camera is far beyond the realm of any consumer image available, anywhere. If you embrace and correctly format a DSLR to your on set environment… you have an incredible camera on your hands.'