Pre-PMA 2007: Hot on the heels of it's new Expresscard readers as outlined above Delkin also has an update to an old favourite; the Cardbus CompactFlash adapter. Tearing along at up to 40MB/s, this new device should satisfy even the busiest (or most impatient) photographer. Supporting the latest UDMA specification for CompactFlash, users with older cards should not feel left out as it is fully compatible with earlier types too.

Delkin’s CardBus UDMA CF Adapter Transfers Images at over 40 MB/s

March 7th 2007: Delkin Devices, Inc. today announced its new CardBus 32 UDMA adapter, designed to transfer images at over 40 MB/s to a computer using UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) enabled memory cards. Pairing the two enables the fastest data transfer from UDMA CompactFlash memory cards to Apple and PC laptops with CardBus slots.

Eric Richter, Delkin’s Marketing Manager explained, “Digital photographers are used to working with laptops as a critical part of their workflow process. Each wave of the latest DSLRs produces ever-increasing file sizes, and that slows image transfers. UDMA CompactFlash cards are already being introduced and our goal is to provide photographers with the fastest and easiest way to transfer images from these cards to their computer.”

The eFilm CardBus UDMA adapter improves workflow speeds with transfer speeds over 40 MB/s. These ultra-fast speeds are achieved when using UDMA enabled CF cards. The Delkin CardBus UDMA provides the essential link in the workflow process, so photographers can save precious time importing photos to their computer. Delkin, which has long been first in connectivity by offering the widest variety of PCMCIA adapters in the industry, introduced the innovative CardBus adapter to the USA market over three years ago. Now both the digital photography and the computer market are poised to move towards UDMA technology. Once again, Delkin stays ahead of the technology curve, this time by providing an adapter solution for photographers who need a speedy means to transfer their digital images into a computer. The eFilm CardBus UDMA CF adapter ships in early April. Drivers will be available for Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X 10.4.8. The eFilm CardBus UDMA will sell at an MSRP of $59.99. For more information, go to