Dave Etchells over at Imaging-Resource has posted an updated samples gallery from the Olympus E-1. He notes, "...based on a late-model prototype camera. While image quality is now good enough for me to provide a set of "gallery" photos, I haven't shot my standardized test images yet, nor do I have any detailed analysis of test images available at this time. (In particular, I've refrained from conducting noise or resolution measurements because Olympus has told me that the E1's anti-noise and image-sharpening processing are not yet in their final states, even in this most recent update of the firmware.)" Which is nice to know, as information was not made available to us when we posted samples from what we were told was a production camera (and then later 'initial production') over a month ago.

Phil: While I'm pleased that Dave has had a chance to work with an updated camera, I still find it curious that we were told we were working with a production camera in the days I was updating my preview and then later told that it was an "initial production". Dave has described his camera as "prototype" despite it being a later build than that which we used. I also note that Dave made specific reference to resolution and noise tests (the only tests we carried out on the camera - coincidence?) Looks to me as though Olympus are reworking their imaging-sharpening and noise reduction algorithms, I'm sure that couldn't be because of feedback from previews such as mine...

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(updated 11 August 2003)

Click here for our Olympus E-1 samples gallery
(posted 11 August 2003)