Another firmware release, this time from Fujifilm for its FinePix S8000fd superzoom. Version 1.01 firstly fixes issues relating to 4GB memory cards - namely the inability to transfer data from FinePixViewer to the camera when connected. The release also corrects bugs present in high speed continuous shooting mode when using Auto ISO. Previously the camera would occasionally record low light scenes as the proverbial 'black cat in a coal mine' and rather confusingly reported ISO 640 as 64. Click through for the links.

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Detail of the update

The firmware (Ver.1.01) update incorporates the following issues.

  1. Countermeasure for PC connection between the 4GB memory card inserted camera and PC on Windows Vista. Data transfer from PC to the camera has been enabled under usage of FinePixViewer.
  2. Fix the issues in high speed continuous Shooting function when ISO sensitivity is set to "AUTO".
    • Exposure level shooting in low brightness condition has been corrected.
      (In some shooting condition, dark or black images are captured even in gloomy scenes.
    • Miss description of ISO sensitivity on Exif tag has been corrected, when shooting at ISO640. (ISO sensitivity was recorded as "ISO64". mistakenly.)