Approximately three hours ago the results from our current poll "Which D-SLR for you?" had received some 2600 votes and indicated interesting results, a three-way split between the Nikon D1x, Canon EOS-D30 and Canon EOS-1D (each with almost 30%). However, thanks to the childish behaviour of two users we have had to pull the poll. Scanning our log files it turns out that two users decided to 'fix' the results of the poll by registering 700 votes for the D1H and 400 votes for the EOS-1D. Very clever.

This has forced me to halt the poll and correct the results (based on the cheating recorded by our log files). Currently double votes are controlled by setting a cookie, because I obviously can't rely on the honesty of some users I'm going to have to re-write the poll voting system.

Corrected results for this poll can now be found by clicking below:

Poll results for "Which D-SLR for you?"

The offenders

  • ( - 700 votes for the Nikon D1H
    NTL Internet, Brentford, UK

  • ( - 400 votes for the Canon EOS-1D
    Guillemot Corporation, Montreal, CA

(The first IP address has been used by 10 different posters in the forums, the last belongs to just one poster, and he knows who he is).