Back in May we reported on the Aska Corp CF32A Compact Flash CardBus PCMCIA adapter, at that time it was a Japan only product. Today Delkin has announced their own CardBus PCMCIA adapter which promises high speed transfer from Compact Flash cards for Notebook users. Delkin's own tests suggest a transfer speed of up to 5.5 MB/sec using the eFilm PRO CardBus PCMCIA adapter, almost five times faster than a standard Compact Flash PCMCIA adapter.

Phil: It's good to see that it's not just Japan that get the cool gadgets. This little adapter should in theory out-perform most firewire card readers by about 1.5x and will certainly out-perform a standard PCMCIA adapter by at least 4.5x. That's the difference between taking five minutes to download your images or just over a minute.

Press Release:


Poway CA, October 7, 2003 Delkin Devices Inc., maker of premium quality eFilm memory cards and other innovative products for camera stores worldwide, has introduced the fastest PCMCIA Adapter on the market. The eFilm PRO CardBus 32-bit PCMCIA adapter is four to six times faster than all current conventional 16-bit adapters and ushers in a new phase of adapter performance. PCMCIA adapters have long been popular for their convenient size and ease of use for quick file transfers form memory cards to laptop computers. The eFilm PRO CardBus 32 is the only adapter that achieves maximum speeds from the popular high-speed professional grade CompactFlash (CF) memory cards that are currently popular with high-end SLR digital cameras. The CardBus 32 adapter allows CF memory cards to work in the PC Card slot on most Windows based laptops and uses the high speed CardBus PCMCIA standard.

The new Delkin 32-bit CardBus adapter has the same size, shape and design as existing 16-bit adapters in common use now. However, Delkin CardBus adapters and all CardBus products worldwide have a set of gold dimples or “buttons” across the top of the leading edge, which inserts into the laptop. These buttons serve a keying function and prevent the insertion of the adapter into non-CardBus compatible laptops. CardBus slots are common on all modern laptops from manufacturers like Dell, Toshiba, Sony and many others. The CardBus 32 adapter inserts completely within its host without any external cabling and operates at a power-saving 3.3 volts, extending battery life in most configurations.

The CardBus standard, while not well known to the general computing population, has been in place since 1997, and supported by virtually all notebook vendors since 1998. CardBus is standard on virtually all modern Windows and Mac OS systems. CardBus provides higher levels of performance than the 16-bit PC Card standard, and is able to take advantage of internal bus speeds that can be four to six times faster. Tests on Delkin eFilm PRO cards and other high-speed CF cards revealed similar speed increases of four to six times that of standard 16-bit CF adapters. 100 Megabytes of JPEG photos on a Delkin PRO card were transferred to a Dell laptop with both a Delkin 16-bit adapter and the new CardBus 32 adapter. The CardBus adapter took 18 seconds (5.5MB/s) to transfer the images and the standard adapter took more than four times as long, taking one minute, 26 seconds (1.16MB/s) to transfer.

The Delkin CardBus 32 adapter has a theoretical maximum speed of 132MB/s. Speed in real world applications is determined by the speed of the CPU and flash chips within the CF card. High-speed cards like the Delkin eFilm PRO and the IBM Microdrive will operate much faster than other cards not designed to be high speed. Delkin CardBus 32 adapters also utilize a patented chip, which reduces the burden on the host CPU to 10% or less, further increasing the value of this product. The Delkin CardBus 32 adapter is currently shipping with a retail price of $59.99. The Delkin CardBus adapter is available from independent photo stores worldwide and

Patrick Maher, chief operating officer and executive director for PCMCIA, recently said in a PCMCIA press release, "CardBus technology provides significant improvements in peripheral device performance without sacrificing ease-of-use or mobility the industry has come to expect from PC Cards." The Delkin CardBus 32 adapter is currently compatible with most Windows OS systems, and a driver CD is included with each adapter for Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000 and XP. Delkin expects to have Apple drivers available by January 2004, as most Apple laptops also support CardBus. For the latest information on CardBus and other PC Card products, visit the PCMCIA web site at For the latest information on Delkin, CardBus 32 adapters and many other cards, accessories and digital photography in general, visit