The Archos Jukebox Multimedia is the first portable mass storage device to feature a full colour display which can be used to view images and video. The Jukebox Multimedia can transfer images directly from your storage card to its internal 10 GB hard drive using the optional 'Photo Module'. The 'Camera Module' allows you to take images directly via the unit, the 'Video Module' enables you to record and playback video (MPEG4 format). The Jukebox Multimedia can of course also play MP3 audio. Connection is via USB 1.1 but there should be optional modules for USB 2.0 and Firewire connectivity.

Archos Jukebox Multimedia Specifications

Capacity 10 GB Hard Drive
Internal Buffer 16 MB
Transfer Rate USB 1.1 (PC & Mac) - Optional Interfaces: USB 2.0 (PC), FireWire (PC or Mac) or PC Card (PC)Up 1 MB/sec (USB), 2 MB/sec (PC Card), 10 MB/sec (FireWire), 480 Mbps (USB 2.0).
Supported Formats MP3 (30 to 320 Kbps - CBR and VBR) Reading
MP3 VBR (30 to 160 kbps) Real-time encoding
Photo Carousel to display image files
MPEG4 playing (CIF format - 352x288 pixels, 30 frames/sec., MP3 sound track - VHS Quality)
Display Color LCD 237 x 234 pixels
Audio Specifications Stereo Digital Line In/Out, Stereo Analog Line In, Stereo Analog Line Out/Earphone Jack. Composite Video Output (to connect to a TV). Built-in microphone
Playback autonomy Up to 7 hours
Updates Downloadable firmware updates from Internet
Power Source Internal Power: Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries. External Power: AC-DC Charger / Adapter
Dimensions 113 x 79 x 30 mm
Weight 290g (10.23 oz)
Package includes Jukebox Multimedia, USB cable (Mini B-A), AC-DC adapter, Li-ion Batteries (Already installed in Jukebox Multimedia), stereo headphones, carrying pouch, MusicMatch™ Jukebox software, drivers and manual in 5 languages
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Archis Jukebox Multimedia Modules

Photo Module (CF Type II) Photo Module (SmartMedia)
Camera Module Video Module