Fujifilm has published a brochure giving more details of the lenses and accessories it has planned for the X-Pro1 and and any future X-system cameras. The brochure gives more details about the forthcoming XF lenses previously included on the company's lens roadmap, including images and specifications for the XF 14mm F2.8 R and XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 OIS. A revised version of the lens roadmap also includes ghosted images of the promised 23mm and 27mm lenses. It also reveals that the XF 14mm will have a focus distance scale - suggesting it may eschew the system's troubled focus-by-wire system.

Also in the brochure are details about the M-mount adapter Fujifilm has created, including a lens compatibility chart. Having just received an M-mount adapter, those restrictions begin to make sense. The Fujifilm adapter has contacts to inform the camera body that it's being used (and change the camera's settings accordingly), and a button that brings up the focal length selection menu. But these contacts also restrict the diameter of the opening at the rear of adapter, meaning that lenses with large rear elements won't physically fit. The adapter includes a dual-function gauge so that you can check that the lens doesn't protrude too far into the body, but also that the diameter of the rear element won't clash with the contacts (something that won't trouble simpler third-party adapters). 

The Fujifilm M-mount adapter and dual-function sizing gauge

Known incompatibilities include certain 21mm ultrawideangles and fast 35mm primes. However, the lens corrections menu (whose behavior is improved with X-Pro1 Firmware v1.11) is only available with the Fujifilm adapter, so it appears to be impossible to set corrections for these lenses, even if you can get them to mount.

Fujifilm's updated, more detailed, lens roadmap.