Easy as that
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Easy as that

What's next? Well, start taking pictures. They can be of anything, don't worry about it. Take photos of things you find pretty, or funny, or just because you like them. Cats! Always take pictures of cats.

Experiment with putting your subject slightly off-center (look up the Rule of Thirds for more on this - though it's more of a guideline than an actual rule). It's a common temptation to zoom in to a subject, instead of using your feet to actually get closer - experiment with both. Think about fun places to go in your own town that you can bring your camera to - a friend's barbecue, or the zoo, a park, a museum (check photography rules beforehand, though). Be sure and keep the front of your lens clean, preferably with a microfiber cloth - you'll inevitably get fingerprints and dust on it, which is fine, but they can make everything look a bit hazy.

When you get a little more comfortable, start thinking about using lines to lead a viewer's eye through the scene. Pay attention to contrast between light and shadow, and look out for interesting textures. There's tons of free resources on the internet to help you out here.

The most important thing you can do with that spiffy new camera, though? Just use it and have fun