Update: Phase One has provided the following statement to clear up some confusion about the contest rules:

The Phase One Photo Contest is off to a great start. However, we’ve heard your concerns, and we'd like to banish any contest-rule-confusions: The winner gets to use the camera for a month for free — period.

The insurance is paid by Phase One; the recipient will simply sign for receiving the system. And please remember, the winner gets to use a full Phase One IQ250 camera system, which of course includes everything necessary: body, digital back, lenses, transportation case, batteries, and of course the battery charger. We’ll get the system to you and we’ll pay for the return shipment. And you keep all the amazing images you've created with this gear!

So don’t be afraid to enter. You’re free to enter, and it’s free to win! If you have any questions at all, please contact us @PhaseOnePhoto on Facebook and on Twitter.


Phase One has announced a new photo contest today offering photographers a chance to win the use of a Phase One IQ250 medium format camera system for a month. The contest seeks submissions demonstrating the contest's theme "What the world's best __ is made of", and will run through the rest of the month.

Photographers may submit a single photograph illustrating their answer to the contest's theme; there are no restrictions on subject matter or the gear used. Once the contest ends, Phase One will reveal ten finalists in January and showcase the selected photographs on its Facebook page.

Professional photographers Michael Woloszynowicz, Tim Kemple, and Paul Reiffer are serving as the contest judges, and will select the winner to be announced the first week of February. Interested photographers must register via Phase One's contest page. The submitted photograph must be in Adobe sRGB (1998) and PNG format, 72 DPI, 1000 pixel on the largest side, and without any included copyright data.

The Phase One IQ250 uses a 50MP 44x33mm CMOS sensor and features a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. In addition, Apple users can wirelessly connect the IQ250 with an iPad or iPhone and use the Capture Pilot iOS app to remotely trigger capture and browse through saved images.

Press release:


Winner gets the use of a Phase One IQ250 camera system for one month

COPENHAGEN, December 5, 2014 -- Phase One has launched a photo contest that asks entrants to submit one photo illustrating their concept: “What the world’s best [__________] is made of.” It could be the world's best sport, love story, dinner -- anything imaginable! Anyone, anywhere in the world, using any brand or type of photographic gear can participate!

The winner will be given a Phase One IQ250 medium format camera system for one month & the ability to capture and keep some unbelievably high-quality images -- plus a chance to share their photos with the world!

The Phase One Photo Contest is open throughout December, one entry per person. In January, ten finalists will be announced, and their work will be featured on Phase One social media sites. From the 10 finalists, a panel of three judges, including pro photographers Tim Kemple, Michael Woloszynowicz and Paul Reiffer, will make the final selection, and the winner will be announced during the first week of February.

For more information, including how to register to submit an entry, and to review terms and conditions, please go to: http://www.phaseone.com/contest. Photos, updates, comments by the judges, and much more is planned for Phase One social media sites. For all the latest in contest news, and to experience some great creative work, please follow:
Twitter @PhaseOnePhoto
Instagram: @PhaseOnePhoto