Nikon has today announced a new look for its famous black on yellow logo. The new logo keeps the yellow background and Nikon typeface but adds white 'rays' to the yellow background, which according to the press release "Add a graphic element of sequential rays, to represent the future, and express Nikon's mission, will and future possibilities". We're not sure at this stage if this also means the end of the two blue bars either side of the yellow logo which is often seen on Nikon printed material.

Press Release:

Introducing a New Brand Symbol for the Nikon Group

Nikon Corporation (SHIMAMURA, Teruo, President & COO) is proud to introduce a new brand symbol for the Nikon corporate group - a symbol designed to help reconstruct the Nikon brand so that it better meets the needs of our current era.

From April 1, 2003, Nikon group companies will employ the new symbol as a corporate logomark. To promote the Nikon brand as widely as possible, the symbol will be used for product packaging and communication tools, such as advertisements and websites, for each company.

The new symbol will be used at every opportunity to improve Nikon's brand value, and to promote the corporate values of Nikon and the Nikon group.

The new Nikon brand symbol design

New Symbol Background

With a long history of supplying outstanding products, Nikon has established a brand image for superior quality and reliability. Given today's constantly changing business conditions, however, it is essential that we recognize the need for a greater emphasis on technological innovation and sensitivity to changing trends, in order to strengthen our competitiveness and improve corporate value.

This is why we decided to develop a new brand symbol - a symbol that will help us to reconstruct the Nikon brand in such a way that it fulfills the needs of the new era.

Brand Symbol Design

  • Design Concept
    While preserving basic design elements that have supported the Nikon brand image in terms of quality and reliability, add fresh and innovative elements, including a new Nikon concept.
  • Symbol Design
    Preserve the black Nikon logotype that has gained worldwide recognition for superior quality and reliability, as well as Nikon's identity color, yellow.

    Add a graphic element of sequential rays, to represent the future, and express Nikon's mission, will and future possibilities.

    Yellow expresses breadth and passion, while black expresses trust and quality.