According to the JCIA (Japan Camera Industry Association) Digital Camera sales totalled no less than 14.75 million units in 2001 a rise of some 42.7% over the previous year. In more detail the local Japanese (domestic) market for digital cameras has grown 63.8% and the export market (the rest of the world) has grown 34.2%. This figure is in line with results published by JCIA in August last year which were for the first half of 2001. A pretty amazing result showing just how many digital cameras were destined for the Christmas market.

JCIA figures (Year 2001)

  Film Digital
Domestic (%) 3,003 (84.3%) 4,831 (163.8%)
Export (%) 24,559 (87.4%) 9,922 (134.2%)
Total 27,562 (87.0%) 14,753 (142.7%)

Figures in brackets is ratio % compared to last year.

Japan Today article:

Digital camera shipments rise 42.7% in 2001

TOKYO — Shipments of digital cameras by Japanese makers totaled 14.75 million units in 2001, up 42.7% over the previous year, the Japan Camera Industry Association said Wednesday.

The steep increase was due to the successive introduction of new models, price cuts and improved picture quality, the association said. (Kyodo News)