An American startup is promising to bring a full-frame digital rangefinder camera to market for early 2016. The Konost FF will be a 20MP metal bodied M-mount camera equipped with a 4" LCD. The company has said that the rangefinder system will operate not with mirrors and prisms, as most rangefinders do, but with twin imaging sensors that overlay their images to produce the same dual image effect in the viewfinder.

While details are limited at the moment, Konost has stated it will use the Belgian CMV20000 sensor from CMOSIS, which offers 5120x3840 pixel (~20MP) resolution from photodiodes with a pixel pitch of 6.4 microns. The sensor has a frame rate of 30 fps, so will be suitable for video, and has a dynamic range of about 11 stops, and an extended dynamic range of 15 stops.

A prototype model that shoots only Raw files is being tested at the moment, but the production Konost FF is promised with Raw and JPEG settings.

The company has published a chart that shows it intends to bring an APS-C model, the Konost AP, to market at about the same time as the FF, and a Konost Junior, with a 1"-type 10.8MP sensor later this year. The Junior will have a fixed 35mm f/2 lens in front of a 13.5x9.2mm CMOS sensor.

Konost has yet to issue information on pricing, but it does say that it aims to be 'competitive' so that the camera will be 'accessible'. For more details visit the Konost website.