Kodak post v3.0.8 firmware for the Kodak DCS 520 / 560 / D2000 / D6000. The companion "acquire" software is also updated to v5.8.1. (No news on DCS 620 / 660 v3.0.8 yet).

New features

  • A redesigned, more efficient User Interface featuring Drop down menus.
  • Dual Card support.
  • Auto White Balancing using image data.
  • Image Processing options.
  • Post-Capture Manual ±EV compensation using Host Software.
  • Recover (deleted images).
  • Added Quick Format of storage cards.
  • IPTC Data support in camera.
  • Intervalometer (Advanced Self-Timer).
  • Active custom Functions are easily identified on the camera's rear LCD with a bullet point.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) support.
  • Enhanced Storage media support.

There's a note at the bottom of the Kodak page which says "continue to use the your current version virmware with Canon EOS-D2000 and D6000 as the v3.0.8 firmware has not be certified with these cameras".

If you do upgrade your firmware (Kodak DCS 520 / 560) you'll also need the updated acquire module (version 5.8.1)

Download firmware v3.0.8 and Acquire v5.8.1