Peter iNova, author of several popular model-specific eBook's has just released his new Nikon D80 eBook, a must-buy for any Nikon D80 owner (or potential owner). As iNova says, "Encounter every feature, every button, every menu, every quirk, every secret opportunity hidden away inside your D80. And there are plenty of them. Here you experience each interaction as a means to an end." (Also includes RAW materials by Uwe Steinmueller).

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Press Release:

Nikon D80 eBook

Encounter every feature, every button, every menu, every quirk, every secret opportunity hidden away inside your D80. And there are plenty of them. Here you experience each interaction as a means to an end.

DSLR: Nikon D80 is the culmination of thousands of images, hundreds of interactive illustrations and dozens of techniques you'll find nowhere else. Interactive examples, embedded animations, A/B comparisons sewn into almost every page bring you the science, the tech, the design, the tools, the techniques and the concealed attributes that lie inside its heart.

Two volumes including RAW Materials by Uwe Steinmueller. A total of over 600 large, printable horizontal letter size pages. 14 chapters. 639 original iNovaFX Photoshop Actions cleaned, oiled and adjusted for the big D80 images. Many of them are brand new and/or re-coded from the ground up.

A 31-page Digital Visions Gallery of D80 images interactively exploring a wide range of photographic challenges and unique solutions you can implement right away.

Since the D80 is in so many professional hands, much of the eBook brings focus to the tips and techniques that produce more profitable results. And if the pros can use it, you can use it.

The pixel count has gone up. The quality and volume of iNovaFX Actions have gone up. Postage has gone up. The price of gas has gone up. Yet the price of the eBook has not.

Nikon's D80 is a stunning 10MP DSLR
Its secrets are rich. So its eBook is a treasure trove.

DSLR: Nikon D80

634 pages. Two Volumes. 18 chapters. 2000+ images.
630 original custom iNovaFX Photoshop Actions.
Interactive eBook on CD.

Just look at what the camera offers: the same image made by the more professional--and much more expensive--Nikon D200. And the images are at the top of the list in quality, tonality and depth.

It has an 11-point auto-focus system, clever ergonomics, deep feature set, 3 fps continuous shooting, dedicated 25 buttons and switches, superb performance and advanced system attributes that have made it the advanced enthusiast photographer's choice.

It has, for instance, a B&W shooting mode that allows you to digitally produce the effect of color filters. Why that? When a red filter is used on B&W film, blue skies become dramatically dark and flesh tones lighten up, reducing blemishes. You can dial this effect in through the menu system. The eBook tells you all about it--and many other juicy techniques--in much greater depth than the camera manual.

Case in point: How about a full-circle fisheye image--from a genuine Nikon fisheye optic--that produces stunningly sharp images if you know how to adapt and use it.

Nikon's own people were unaware of how to fit this to the D80 until they read our eBook.

Some examples:

  • How to achieve those stunning full circle Nikon fisheye images with the D80.
  • How to master the SB-800/600 Nikon flash system.
  • How to get the most out of every button, switch and menu item.
  • 19 pages detailing which Nikkor lenses to buy and which to pass up.
  • How to dial in 4200 different settings of digital "film" and how they compare.
  • Which techniques take practice and how you can become a D80 virtuoso.
  • How to shoot remotely triggered repeating flashes.
  • How to shoot images with tonal dynamics exceeding film or RAW format shots.
  • How to make pixel-perfect D80 images over 5000 pixels wide.
  • How to make those killer time-lapse movies.

D80 images are to die for, and the camera's controls put everything you need at your fingertips. The eBook puts hundreds of ideas and techniques at the fingertips of your mind.

The camera is so deep and smart, that its eBook has grown to become the largest one in the DSLR series--a few pages larger than the Nikon D200 eBook. Pages print on letter paper in a new horizontal letter-page format to better fit your computer screen. Interactive animated examples are on nearly every page. Embedded movies show you things still pictures can't.

As with prior titles, High-resolution (200% viewing) and Ultra-resolution (400% viewing) versions are on the eBook CD along with many extras, software demos and newly customized iNovaFX Photoshop Actions--over 630 in all. Note that the iNovaFX Photoshop Actions require Photoshop 6, 7, CS or CS2 and not every Action is right for every picture.

Many of the iNovaFX Actions have been completely rewritten to the unique requirements of the D80 and specific optics. There's also a whole chapter of original techniques for use with Photoshop Elements 2, 3 and 4.

DSLR: Nikon D80. 634 large-format pages. Thousands of images. 18 chapters. 630 original custom Photoshop Actions. Plus a 38-page D80 image Gallery. Two volumes including RAW Materials by Uwe Steinmueller.

Windows and Macintosh compatible. Requires Adobe Reader 7.0.5 or higher (included for Windows and Mac) and QuickTime 7 or greater which is free from

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