4 PM EST: 1 AM EST: Hot on the heels of the DSC-S75... Sony has today announced the camera we'd all heard of but weren't quite sure if it was real. I can confirm it's very real, indeed we've already reviewed it! The DSC-S85 is essentially a DSC-S75 with the new Sony 1/1.8" 4.1 megapixel CCD. The camera produces a 2272 x 1704 image (3.8 megapixels) which is about 10% larger horizontally and vertically than a 3.1 megapixel image.

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Sorry, I put the review on an automated release (as I'm currently travelling around Japan) and for some reason this messed up the directory permissions. It's 9 AM EST now and the review is available.

Note: The official release time shifted from the initially planned 4 PM EST to 1 AM EST.

Rather than bore you with press releases and specification tables you may as well just dive into our review:

Click here for our full in-depth Sony DSC-S85 review

Phil: My apologies to the guys and gals on 'Sony Talk', I just couldn't give anything away...