Phew! - Welcome to the new single paged (no frames) Digital Photography Review. It's been a long job but I've finally converted all the previously framed pages in the site to non-framed, in the process I've streamlined alot of the back-end database design and associated scripts.

Here's a quick run-down of the changes:

  • Removal of frames to a single-page approach (all pages in site) - easier to bookmark particular parts of the site, better for search engines, faster loading, more browser compatible
  • Conversion of ALL reviews to standard review format
  • Ability to get a printable version from glossary entries and news articles (review printing coming soon)
  • Better linking of news articles to forum entries
  • Updated glossary now database driven
  • Re-written comparison and side-by-side engine (better performance)
  • Cleaned up forums (inc. bug fixes)
  • Reduced use of graphics, reduced all graphic sizes (faster loading)
  • Ability to view a full months news articles at a time
  • Cleaner design sidebar
  • Removal of old galleries and articles (spring clean...)
  • And much more... (which you're unlikely to _see_ as it's backend, but you should _feel_ it in better performance)