Best accessory
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Best accessory


  • DJI Osmo pocket
  • DJI Ronin SC
  • Gnarbox 2.0 SSD
  • Peak Design Travel Tripod

Runner up: Peak Design Travel Tripod

The role of photography accessories is to play support to your creative endeavors. That can mean support in the traditional sense, like a well-designed travel tripod or 3-axis gimbal rig. Or it can mean support in the form of peace of mind, like a rugged file back-up device.

Our runner-up for best photography accessory, the Peak Design Travel Tripod, falls into the former category. Travel tripods aren't new, but Peak Design has managed to radically rethink the concept to create a package that's significantly more compact than the competition and just as stable, if not more so. Its Arca Swiss-compatible, dual-locking ball head in particular is worth calling out for its clever low-profile design. Available in both aluminum and carbon fiber, this is the travel tripod we'll likely be reaching for in 2020, whenever space is tight.

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