Nigel Parker used Lomogram app for Window Phone 8 to take this photo.

With its fast F2.0 lens and optical image stabilization the camera specs on Nokia's Lumia 920 are impressive for a smartphone, but like all cameras, it is only as good as the photographer using it. Nigel Parker uses his Lumia 920 to capture unique slices of life in Auckland, New Zealand. We spoke with Parker via email about his Windows Phone 8 photography.

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"I take photos whenever I see anything worth shooting," he said. "I'll often stop to photograph when I find myself in interesting locations."

Parker uses mobile photography to capture his life, but he makes sure to keep an eye on composition, actively thinking about the angles placement of his subjects in his shots.

"I find these days I'm using my phone more often for shooting photos and videos," said Parker, who also owns a Nikon D7000. "I love the convenience of a great mobile camera, the instant editing and sharing means that I default to it most of the time." 

Parker takes full advantage of the Lumia 920's capabilities. "The 920 offers a great lowlight option that other phones lack," said Parker. "This makes a difference when shotting sunsets and night time photos."

Parker took his favorite smartphone photo on the way home from a Weezer concert. Using the low light capture setting on his Lumia 920, Parker captured a couple socializing on the back of their boat.

"I love it because the scene was perfect but not engineered," said Parker. "The lights created an interesting backdrop and the moment that the couple was sharing was intimate and personal."

Parker's favorite smartphone shot photo was taken using the low light setting on Parker's Lumia 920. He edited the image in Thumba Photo Editor to add the tilt-shift effect.

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