The Facebook-owned mobile imaging platform Instagram has launched a revamped version of its Android app. There aren't any new filters, frames or editing options though. The most obvious changes have been made to the design of the user interface. According to its makers the new version 5.1 of Instagram for Android comes with "simplified visuals" that improve usability. The user interface has also adopted the "flattened" look of the latest Android versions and some OEM software. 

According to a post on Instagram's official blog  the update is not all about looks though. The new design adapts more efficiently to the huge variation in screen sizes, display resolutions and processing power that exists in the Android world. The new layout makes better use of the smaller screens in low-end devices and feature phones and also allows for an overall faster and more responsive app.

The size of the app has been effectively halved which means the profile screen now loads twice as fast and the app's overall responsiveness has improved, too. We installed the update on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the app feels noticeably faster than before. You can download Instagram for Android from the Google Play Store if you want to try it out for yourself.