Ricoh has released its lens roadmaps for the new year (and potentially beyond), and in the works are seven lenses spanning a wide range of types and focal lengths. The highest number of additions will come in the Pentax K-Mount lineup, which is set to get four new lenses this year or next, while the Pentax 645-mount will get two new lenses and the Q-mount will get one. 

Ricoh's roadmap for upcoming Pentax K-mount lenses - click to see an enlarged version.

According to its K-mount roadmap, Ricoh is planning to release:

  • DA Wide zoom 10-30mm
  • D FA Large diameter wide zoom 15-30mm
  • D FA Large diameter standard zoom 25-70mm
  • D FA Standard zoom 28-110mm

The focal lengths for all of the lenses in the roadmap are approximate. The DA Wide zoom lens in particular has rolled over from last year, having previously been included on the company’s K-mount roadmap released in September 2014. The other three are new, however, and could be released sometime this year or could end up rolling over into 2016.

Ricoh's latest Pentax 645 lens roadmap - click for an enlarged version.

The Pentax 645 Mount lineup is set to get two new lenses, a Standard Zoom 45-85mm and a Tele Zoom 92-180mm. Both of these were previously listed on the company’s September 2014 645 Mount roadmap. Also rolling over from late last year is a Q-mount telephoto macro 80-110mm lens.

Ricoh's Pentax Q-mount lens roadmap - Click for an enlarged version.