CineSkates by Cinetics

An affordable Camera Slider for video
$285 (bundle includes CineSkates with case, GorillaPod Focus tripod, and BallHead X)

Cineskates turn your Gorillapod into a complete camera dolly system via the use of skateboard wheels. It's common knowledge that your camera's stabilization system can only take you so far, which is quite a short distance. The Cineskates system aims to place professional grade video quality in the hands of the budget filmmaker via the use of skateboard wheels.

It might look odd, but if you're shooting video on a budget, CineSkates will let you move a DSLR or small video camera smoothly, close to the ground.

The Cineskates system allows the camera to pan smoothly and symmetrically, thanks to plush wheel bearings and fully adjustable multi-segmented tripod legs. The wheel modules snap onto the bottoms of the supplied Gorillapod tripod arms in a split second for quick fitment. Numerous tripod heads can be attached to the top of the Gorillapod, such as the Joby Ballhead X and Gorillapod Focus.

Video samples taken with the Cineskates system are very convincing. We think this will be a big seller, and you can order yours here

Astro by Oscar Ramrez

A programmable time-lapse and motion controller for cameras

If you have a special affinity for time-lapse and panorama photography, the Astro will be a must have. This 2x AA battery-powered hockey puck-sized time-lapse tool is capable of setting the duration, range of movement (0-360 degrees) and interval of shots taken all at once. The top of the Astro features a standard tripod screw that doubles as the Power button, while the bottom has threads to attach to a tripod. Any camera with a Remote jack will be compatible with the Astro, and a cable is provided with each order. The two buttons on the bottom ring of the Astro will start the panning to the left or right.

The Astro is the Swiss Army Knife of panorama photography accessories, and comprises a fully programmable motorized turntable, and an interval timer. 

A smartphone application is currently being developed to expand upon the Astro's capabilities with features like ramping, continuous movement, presets and HDR. The Astro is constructed of aluminum and molded rubber for durability and will fit unobtrusively in a camera bag, thanks to its compact size.

This is another wildly popular Kickstarter project that recieved nearly 10 times the intended pledge goal, so we should be seeing the Astro available for sale pretty soon. Backers should start recieving their Astros in December.