Cam Crate by Matthew Geyster

A life-proof DSLR case

The Cam Crate is a 'life-proof' DSLR case that promises to keep your DSLR safe from pretty much anything. If you were the Incredible Hulk (bear with me) and you were looking for a DSLR case that could withstand your sudden outbursts of rage, the Cam Crate would be the most likely candidate for the job. Billed as a 'life-proof' DSLR case, the Cam Crate is 100% element proof, and it even floats. By element proof, the we mean water proof, mud proof, crush proof and drop proof, though performance parameters have yet to be measured. The Cam Crate is constructed of a composite outer shell and features a Quick Action door for rapid opening and closing.

The Cam Crate is designed to keep a medium-sized DSLR safe from pretty much anything, whether it be shock, or dirt and water damage. 

The Cam Crate will fit most 'small format' DSLRs, i.e., those without an integral battery grip, with a moderate telephoto lens attached. The inventor of Cam Crate has plans to release a larger version of the Cam Crate at a later date that will accomodate professional models with integrated vertical controls or smaller models with a battery grip attached. Cam Crate has recieved its intended funding and will most likely be shipping soon, with a lifetime warrantee - most appropriate. 

Rhino Slider by Kyle Hart

An affordable 48" DSLR slider

Fluid motion is a difficult thing to achieve in the film industry if you're on a budget, but the Rhino Slider could change that. The Rhino Slider is an affordable 48" DSLR slider that operates via 12 bearings inside of six self-lubricating rollers upon stainless steel or carbon fiber rails. The Rhino Slider also accommodates other cameras like the GoPro, iPhone and RED with adapters, but it should find most of its success in the DSLR cinema market. The inventor of the Rhino Slider saw that conventional cam sliders fell into two primary camps: cheap and not as smooth or expensive and smooth. So, he found a way to incorporate 12 self-lubricating bearings inside six individual rollers on stainless steel or carbon rails at a retail cost of less than $400.

The Rhino Slider allows you mount a small video camera, or DSLR for fluid movement without the massive outlay of conventional specialist equipment. 

Rhino Slider is lightweight and has the ability to adapt to any camera or enviornment. The standard Rhino Slider comes with locking all-terrain legs with micro-adjustable rubber feet that fold up for travel. However, suction cup feet will be avialable for setups like mounting on a car (pictured above).

There will also be three different flavors of Rhino Slider to choose from. There's the standard Rhino Slider with stainless steel tubular rails (holds up to 7 lbs. of gear, weighs 5 lbs.), Rhino Slider Carbon ($425) with carbon fiber rails (holds up to 10 lbs. of gear, weighs 3 lbs.) and Rhino Slider Pro ($475) with stainless steel rails and a center mounting plate for tripods (holds up to 35 lbs. of gear, weighs 10 lbs.). 

The Rhino Slider has finished funding and it's projected that everyone who pledged will get their Rhino Sliders before Christmas. If you're not among this number, you can pre-order here.

Lens/Focus Shifter by Daniel Bauen and Microfacturing

A lens-mounted follow focus adapter

Truly smooth focus with a DSLR lens can be difficult to achieve, especially with cheaper lenses. The Lens/Focus Shifter is basically a steering wheel for your DSLR lens focus adjuster that provides much more leverage for smoother operation. The apparatus cinches to the lens ring and supports a clip-on dry-erase focus marker board for indicating hard stops.

The Lens/Focus Shifter is a simple adapter which allows you to smoothly manipulate focus and/or zoom without needing to twist the lens. A built-in marker board lets you mark 'hard' stops for zooming or focussing on pre-determined points. 

The Lens/Focus Shifter fits lenses with outer diameters that range from 56mm to 98mm, but a custom size can be ordered if your lens measurement falls outside of those specifications. Not only will the Lens/Focus Shifter be ideal for DSLR filmmakers, but the unit can also be used by photographers to fine-tune focus to an exacting degree. The Lens/Focus Shifter has already recieved its intended funding, and you can click here to order one

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