Recently we've heard reports of some Apple iPhone 6 Plus cameras failing and producing blurry images. Our own unit does not show any signs of trouble so far, but Apple has looked into the issue and recognized the problem. Apparently some devices, most of which were sold between the device's September 2014 launch and January 2015, use a camera component that is prone to failure.

Apple service has its good reputation, and true to form the company is offering to change the camera module free of charge if your phone is one of the affected batch. You can check if your device is affected by entering your phone's serial number on the Apple website. Replacement can be handled by an Apple Authorized Service Provider, an Apple Retail Store or via Apple Technical Support.

Please note that while eligibility is worldwide, the location of repair might be restricted to the country of the original purchase. Also, if your iPhone currently has any other damage, for example a broken screen, you might have to get that fixed first before Apple can replace the camera. Let us know in the comments if your iPhone 6 Plus camera is showing signs of failure. For more information check the service announcement on the Apple website.

Source: Apple | Via: GSM Arena