It turns out that Nikon has also previously posted similar warnings about using Windows XP to rotate images and format CF cards. The exact same cautions apply, that if you use Windows Explorer to rotate images you will destroy the important EXIF data held in the JPEG image header, it turns out that even a simple 'properties' view of a file can destroy the EXIF data. Secondly if you use Explorer to format CF cards the default filesystem is FAT32 which digital cameras won't understand.

Nikon advisory:

Important Notice for Users of Windows XP Home Edition / Professional

When using Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional (hereafter Windows XP), carrying out the operations listed below may cause format changes in, or data loss from image data stored in Exif file format. This may also cause Exif Images produced using Nikon digital cameras and Nikon scanners to fail to open in Nikonimage software.

Problem Operations

1 Rotating images in Windows XP explorer using either of the three methods listed below;

  • Selecting an image file and clicking either the “rotate clockwise” or “rotate counter clockwise” button located at the bottom of the image preview area.
  • Selecting an image file, clicking the right mouse button and selecting rotate clockwise or rotate counter clockwise from the menu which appears.
  • Selecting an image file, clicking the right mouse button, selecting Preview from the menu which appears, then clicking the “rotate clockwise” or “rotate counter clockwise” button located at the bottom of the Windows Picture and Fax viewer. (Note that other methods can also be used to open the Windows Picture and Fax viewer.)

2 Choosing Simple in the Summary tab of the image file Properties dialog, and clicking Apply or OK (clicking Cancel will not cause any problems).

Note also that when Nikon View 4.3.1 has been installed under Windows XP, Windows XP Explorer should not be used to carry out the above operations on NEF files, as doing so will result in the loss of image data.

Lost image data can not be restored. When viewing image files using Windows XP, be sure to make a back up copy of your images.

Note also that CompactFlash Cards (memory cards) intended for use with digital cameras should not be formatted using Windows XP. If a CompactFlash Card that has been formatted using Windows XP is inserted into a COOLPIX digital camera the message “CARD IS NOT FORMATTED” will appear in the camera monitor; if such a card is inserted into a D1, D1X or D1H camera, the “CHA” display in the control panel will start to flash. In either case, use the camera to reformat the card.

If you have any questions regarding the above points, or any general queries regarding your Nikon product, please contact your nearest authorized Nikon representative. For contact information see :