From the Society for Information Display Show in San Jose is this info on an OEM CMOS digital camera kit developed by Sound & Vision and HP, this camera doesn't have a traditional LCD but instead uses Kopin's new microdisplay (as featured on earlier in the news).

These comments from my (anonymous) reporter:

I've just played with a prototype digital camera today called the SV 1301 RDK (sample pictures at that link aren't up to much) at the Society for Information Display show in San Jose which incorporates one of Kopin's microdisplays in place of the traditional optical viewfinder in a digital camera. I am told this camera will be sold as an HP camera later this year.

This product will be a low-end/entry type product. As for the display, this first generation type has some problems in my opinion. First, the refresh rate is very slow (similar to, but only slightly better than the display quality you see on the Kodak DC260 display when the display is activated in the capture mode). An engineer explained that they had to compromise the quality of the display during capture mode in order to produce a better final captured picture. He says that once the picture is taken, the visual quality of the display improves to show the final result (like it does on the DC260). Another problem is that the display is very dim and has poor viewing angles (like a normal non-high point optical viewfinder).

I also saw a prototype of a Fuji digital camera (according to Kopin) that will incorporate a Kopin display. This is supposed to be a high-end product. But the problems with the display quality outlined above still exist on this prototype.

And this information on the SV 1301 RDK from their information sheet: (Note that these specifications refer to the VGA version however the spec sheet does say "solutions ranging from VGA to 2 Megapixel camera") So it's hard to get excited about the hardware / software specifciations, however if they've got a 2 megapixel CMOS kit (the 2 megapixel CCD they talk about on their website is not CMOS it's the IBM35CCD2PIX1).

Sound Vision offers two world class Rapid Development Kits, the SV/IBM 1300 and SV/HP 1301. These kits provide all of the tools needed to quickly deploy a finished product. An OEM can easily add housing and perform various levels of customization without extensive cost or training. Together, the SV1300 and SV1301 provide solutions ranging from VGA to a 2 Megapixel camera.


Developed in collaboration with industry leaders: Hewlett Packard and Kopin Corporation, the SV/HP 1301 breaks through the traditional power and cost barriers in digital imaging desIgns. Designed for power and cost, this Innovative Rapid Development Kit will enable OEMs, searching for imaging solutions, to begin production In record time. This unique combination of lowcost, low power imaging components integrated into complete production ready design will open up new markets closed by the limitations of technology in the past.

The Sound'VisionSVIHP 73?01 VGA Rapid Development Kit (RDK) is the lowest cost, lowest power VGA imaging engine design for low eost Digital Still Cameras and integrated imaging products and network appliances including PDAs, cellular phones and wireless multimedia devices, This OEM design blazes new trails with its totally new firmware, software, optical design, GUI, low power Kopin CyberDisplay, LISS support and fully supported manufacturing procedures designed to provide a complete imaging core with a minimum of engineering investment


  • Lowest Power - Over 600 shots from 4 AAA batteries
  • Smallest Size - Under 6 sq. inches
  • Lowest Cost - Under $150 retail selling price (estimate)
  • Coolest Industrial Designs
  • Most Powerful Design - full Multi-Media Device with still image, rapid fire and sound
  • Design Flexibility - Ability to be adapted to any Low Power, Low Cost imaging engine

Industrial Design concepts (apologies for the poor quality, they're from a fax)



  • HP CMOS 640x480 Sensor with integral 10 bit A/D
  • Kopin CyberDisplay for Viewfinder and Review
  • 9mm f/2.8 Manual Focus Lens with Macro Position, Fully Coated (manual?)
  • Long Battery Life (600 shots per 4 AAA batteries)
  • USB Interface
  • NTSC/PAL output
  • Video Teleconferencing over USB
  • Shutter Release Button (2 position)
  • 3 Feature Selection Buttons
  • Compact Flash Connector
  • 2Mbytes ynchronous DRAM
  • 0.5Mbytes NV Flash RAM
  • Clarity 2 ASIC
  • ARM7 48MHz Processor with integral cache
  • Battery level monitor
  • Small size and weight
  • Audio recording and playback


  • Custom Graphic User Interface
  • Movie Mode (AVI format 10fps 120x100)
  • Rapid Fire - 0.5sec delay between shots
  • Digital 2X Zoom
  • Panorama Mode
  • Variable JPEG compression 40 - 90
  • Variable Quality Modes - Normal, Economy
  • Auto White Balance
  • Auto Exposure +/- 2 f/stops compensation
  • Adjustable Gamma, Sharpening, Color saturation
  • IBM-PC host software
  • TWAIN plug-in
  • NTSC/PAL selection in software
  • Field software upgrades
  • Self Timer

More information:

I found another page on their site called "Clarity 2.0" which refers directly to this camera.