This image from Apple's patent displays how a user takes a photo with an iPhone.

Apple is aware that iPhone photography is often laggy and blurry. In a patent uncovered today by Apple Insider, Apple writes that:

These image capturing devices typically use a preview resolution for capturing a preview image of a scene. Subsequently, a user provides an input to take a photograph. The device switches from preview resolution to full resolution prior to capturing an image. Switching from preview to full resolution causes a time lag, which may lead to user frustration. Also, camera shake during the time when a user presses a button or touches a touchscreen can degrade image quality.

The patent then goes on to offer a solution. Instead of waiting until the user presses the capture button, the iPhone’s native camera app will continuously take photos and once the image is “captured” by the user, it will present the photographer with the best photo, based on a series of steps that determine whether the photo is clear.

This flow chart displays Apple's logic for what decides the best image.

We've seen similar tech at work in Samsung's Best Shot feature and BlackBerry's Time Shift feature -- perhaps this latest patent is a sign that Apple is paying close attention to its competition, as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has warned it needs to do.