PMA 2010: The show is about to start but first there's a press conference on the Sony stand. We're blogging live from the site to bring you all the latest news about their intentions. Click through and refresh the page for the latest updates.

9:00 The conference is just beginning. While the company talks about its commitment to great imaging, we wonder what will be announced. Perhaps it will be something like the press release the company published a few hours ago.

9:05 Brian Smith - one of the company's tame professionals (or Artisans of Imagery as they call them) is demonstrating the company's new TX5 rugged slim compacts that he no doubt uses all the time.

9:08 The sweep panorama (one of Brian's favorites) is being displayed. And now the 'paint' tool that allows you to draw simplistic graphics over your pictures using the touch screen.

9:10 Accessories, including underwater camcorder housings and stylish cases are being shown off. Printing booths for retailers are also getting a look-in.

9:12 President of Personal Imaging: Masashi Imamura takes the stage. The boundaies between interchangable lens cameras, video cameras and compacts are being broken down, he says.

9:14 Sony's strength comes from making its own lenses, sensors and processors itself. There are many customers who are put off buying a DSLR, he continues, and says the region between compact, videocam and interchangable lens has great potential but is barely being exploited.

9:16 Imamura unveils a mock-up of a compact, interchangable lens camera which will be made this year, It will be based around a new Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. 'The sensor is much bigger than in compact camera and larger still than the sensors in Four Thirds cameras to give full DSLR image quality'

9:19 'Sony still sharply focused on DSLR business - we will reinforce this business too.' For mainstream working on fastest response in class, also using Exmor APS HD CMOS with its AVCHD Full HD shooting. Prototypes will shown after the press conference (we'll bring you the photos as soon as we can).