Liquid Image cameras blend right in with extreme sports gear.

The Consumer Electronic Show under way in Las Vegas is packed with low price, GoPro-esque, tiny HD video cameras. From Ace Electronics Enterprise’s MagiCam, to the dozens of other offerings from around the globe, the trend was clear: tiny, wide-angled video cameras are going to be all over the place in 2013. 

When stumbling upon the Liquid Image booth, I was expecting another GoPro faker bulging from a bicycle attachment. Instead, I found pair of ski goggles. Liquid Image has taken 1080p HD video cameras and incorporated them into extreme sportswear.

The goggles come equipped with a 135-degree wide angle camera that fits snug above your nose to create a third eye. The device comes in many models with varying capabilities—ranging from the $49.00 3.1MP/640p scuba goggles to the $399.99 12MP/1080p ski goggles with wifi capabilities.

A light indicates what recording mode the Liquid Image camera is in.

Users control the camera using buttons in the mask’s straps. Here is where you will also find the batteries and microSD port. For the cameras that have different capture modes—some take video, still shots and continuous photos—the mask will indicate what the camera is doing by displaying a dim colored light.

Look for more coverage of CES’s rugged HD video devices later this week as we finish our reporting at the giant electronics tradeshow.