The ParaShoot has a car, magnet, or clip mount as well as a universal stand and necklace strap.

Lifelogging has its benefits. You can capture moments that you want to enjoy rather than actively photograph and you can have photographic evidence of your every move in case of assault or Big Foot sighting (or Big Foot assault.) The latest life logging camera from ParaShoot wants you to record your day without sacrificing your personal style.

Outside, ParaShoot can be customized to match your ensemble. There are wood, metal, or fabric textures available as well as a series of cute and crazy skins (like the panda in the photo above).

On the inside, ParaShoot records 720p, 30fps video and has a time lapse photography feature. Activated with either its mobile app, motion detection, or on-camera button, this little device (only 45x45x15mm) will record video in a continuous loop and save it to its micro SD card.

Currenty, ParaShoot is raising money on an Indiegogo campaign. As of this post, it is about $47,000 short of its extremely specific $117,358 goal. First backers can get a ParaShoot for $149, while "Early Birds" have to pay $20 little more. The future list price of the ParaShoot is projected to be $269.