Big, blue and very very connected. That's Samsung in 2012, and the Korean electronics giant has a large stand at this year's photokina, the better to showcase its range of compact and interchangeable lens cameras, all of which feature Wi-Fi connectivity. Samsung refreshed its entire NX lineup in 2012, and the new generation of APS-C format interchangeable lens cameras are pretty competitive, offering 20MP CMOS sensors and fast shooting rates, in bodies that offer some considerable refinements compared to earlier NX models.

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But the real star of Samsung's show is the brand new Galaxy Camera - a compact camera running the Android mobile operating system, which offers Wi-Fi and full-time connectivity over 3G/4G. Pricing and availability is still TBC, but until such time as it ships, plenty of attendees were eager to get their hands on this unique hybrid device. 

Samsung's booth is massive, and the Korean manufacturer has provided plenty of 'touch and try' demonstration tables to show off its wares.  And the award for biggest Lego ship at the show goes to Samsung. And we didn't even know anyone was competing. But it's not the Titanic. It's definitely not the Titanic...
Two prototype lenses are on show. The first, a 45mm F1.8, is an inexpensive-feeling, short portrait lens...'s near enough to production that examples are available to be shot with on the stand, though you can't keep the images.
The 12-24mm F4-5.6 wide angle zoom, by contrast, is only visible through glass cases. It's very similar in size to the existing 18-55mm OIS lens.
The unique Samsung Galaxy Camera is a full-strength Android device, with full-on camera functionality. Both elements appear to mesh reasonably well (we've only handled pre-production units) but it's bigger than you might think. Here you can see the Android home screen. From the back, the Galaxy Camera looks extremely similar to the Galaxy SIII smartphone. 
The Galaxy Camera has all sorts of automatic modes, including one that takes five photos and lets you choose which version of each recognised face appears in the final image... ...alternatively there are PASM modes, with a very pretty touch-screen interface.
Samsung's entry-level NX camera, the NX1000, also comes in pink.  It's still pretty pink, even from behind.
The NX210, sucessor to the NX200, is perhaps our favourite NX yet. 20MP resolution, a great feature set, and more refined handling than its predecessor And built-in WiFi! Lest we forget...
The NX20 is Samsung's flagship NX, and features a built-in electronic viewfinder, for the full 'tiny DSLR' experience.  A flip-out screen is useful for shooting movies, and when taking pictures from awkward high and low angles.