CES 2002: SanDisk has today announced a range of new ImageMate dual-slot card readers, the readers will be available in three flavors - CompactFlash & SmartMEdia, CompactFlash & Memory Stick and CompactFlash & MMC/SD. These new readers are all USB (why no Firewire?) Mass Storage Class devices and will have an approximate street price of US$40.

Press release:


Growing Number of Consumers with Multiple Memory Cards - Fuels Demand for Dual-Slot Readers

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 8, 2002 - SanDisk Corporation (Nasdaq:SNDK) today introduced three ImageMate(tm) dual-slot memory card readers for the retail market. The new readers are designed for consumers who want to quickly and easily transfer images, audio, video and data between storage cards and computers via the USB port. The ImageMate dual-slot readers are available in the following combinations:

  • CompactFlash(tm) and SmartMedia cards
  • CompactFlash and Memory Stick(tm) cards
  • CompactFlash and MultiMediaCard/SD cards.

SanDisk is showing these new readers and its complete line of removable storage card products in Booth #11511 during the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Nelson Chan, senior vice president and general manager of SanDisk's retail business unit, said, "When it comes to owning removable storage cards, CompactFlash cards are typically the most prevalent due to the popularity of digital photography and the length of time these cards have been on the market. As more consumers acquire new electronic products and move to multiple card formats, the need for a dual-slot reader increases. With the new ImageMates, consumers do not have to purchase a separate card reader for each type of card they have. Our objective is to offer the solutions that consumers demand."

SanDisk removable flash storage cards are rapidly becoming the standard removable storage medium for handheld computers, digital still and video cameras, MP3 players, cell phones and other consumer devices. Many consumers prefer to use a card reader to transfer data directly from their card rather than their camera or music player. The USB port transfers data much faster than a serial port connection and offers the plug-and-play capabilities of USB. Additionally, using a card reader does not tie up their device for long periods of time which can drain batteries.

Designed for Portability and Ease of Use

The readers are designed for ease of use. Each reader features a 4-inch cable that is ideal for readily accessible USB ports such as on a laptop computer. It also includes a 3-foot extension that can be left plugged into a desktop computer.

The ImageMate readers are Mass Storage Class (MSC) compliant, which allow for true "Plug-and-Play" operation when used with Windows 2000, Millennium Edition and XP. MSC is natively supported in Windows 2000, ME, XP, Apple OS 9.X and OS X. In addition, Windows XP features an AutoPlay function that automatically detects the digital content on the flash card as soon as it is inserted in the SanDisk readers. It then offers the option to launch the appropriate software application and related activities to the end user. The dual-slot readers also work with Microsoft Windows 98 and Macintosh computers with Mac OS 8.6 and USB support.

The SanDisk ImageMate readers are expected to be available in March at most of the 38,000 retail outlets in North America, Europe, Canada, South America, Japan and Asia that carry SanDisk branded products. The readers are expected to sell for an average street price of $39. International prices may vary by country.