The rumored retro-styled full frame camera from Nikon looks to be coming. The latest teaser video from Nikon offers the clearest view of what the camera will look like, with close-up shots of the camera's side, back, and top-plate (including traditional shutter speed dial). The fifth of November looks like it could be memorable for more than just our UK audience. Check out the full video below the screen shots. 

The front of the camera, rumored to be called the 'DF', - assembled from the video (and showing dials on the top plate missing from the previous video).
The top of the camera, showing a seemingly lockable shutter speed dial.
The rear controls of the camera - looking consistent with the company's modern DSLRs.
While it doesn't look quite as slim as a film SLR, the camera looks much more like a classic Nikon than any of the company's recent FX DSLRs.

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