Holdfast Gear, a maker of high-end leather camera straps, has launched its new Maven Strap. The thin leather strap is designed for smaller cameras and is made from American Bison leather alongside a cream-colored glove leather lining and brass u-hooks. Bison leather pads are used near the hooks to prevent camera scratches.

The Maven Strap is fixed length, meaning it cannot be adjusted; rather, it is available in 38", 46", and 52" lengths. The smallest of the three sizes, 38", is ideal as a neck strap for carrying the camera in the front position. The 46" is suitable for cross-body positioning on small and medium fit individuals, and the 52" is suitable for those with a larger fit. Mahogany Bison, Black Bison, Peanut Bison, Black Cherry Bison, and Red Bison colors are available.

The strap is available now for $135 USD regardless of size and color preference.