Pre-Photokina 2006: Nikon has also announced a free of charge service enabling users to share their photos over the internet directly from the camera. Currently only available with the new Coolpix S7c, also launched today.

Press Release:

Nikon releases COOLPIX CONNECT, a new service which makes it possible to email photos across the world straight from your camera.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Nikon Corporation is proud to introduce COOLPIX CONNECT, a new service - completely free of charge – that enables users to share their photos over the internet direct from the camera, and without having to download pictures onto a computer first.

Currently available with the COOLPIX S7c, the COOLPIX CONNECT is easy to use, and operates by simply selecting camera’s wireless Transfer mode which automatically detects the nearest wireless networks. The user is able to programme the camera to recognise their own home server, which remains the medium by which photos are transferred. Information security, a constant concern to home users, is delivered by the Wireless Equivalent Privacy encryption key.

COOLPIX CONNECT is a dynamic service, offering users the opportunity to choose the number of photos that they want to share (up to 30 at a time) and the size of the images sent (print size, PC screen or TV screen), with a capacity to uploading up to 50MB of data at a time. The in-camera address book can store up to 30 contacts, and other recipients’ email addresses can be simply entered manually into the camera.

Recipients are sent an email containing thumbnails of up to three of the images with information about the sender, and the number and data-size of the images. A URL within the email will allow the recipients to immediately access the photos, and then download the images or enjoy them as a slideshow. The COOLPIX CONNECT page also features a handy “Thank You Note” button that enables the recipient to send a friendly acknowledgement to the sender.

Highly innovative and exceptionally user-friendly, COOLPIX CONNECT makes it possible to wirelessly share your pictures with friends across the world in just seconds.