Using the interactive studio comparison tool

We recently introduced a new way of presenting the all-important studio shot samples used in every one of our digital camera reviews. The new 'widget' is a fully interactive way to look at 100% crops from different cameras at different settings side by side.

Walkthrough video

If you've a couple of minutes to spare the quickest way to discover all that the tool has to offer is probably to watch this short video walkthrough of the main features.

To download the original QuickTime movie (without YouTube's compression) click here (720P). Full 1080P version is also available (here) if you really want it.

Studio comparisons: at a glance

Using the interactive comparison tool is easy and (we hope) pretty self-explanatory. The easiest way to learn is to simply play around with the various options drag the marquee around the navigator frame.

Using the tool

The basic idea is that you can choose up to three cameras to compare to the model featured in the review, select from the available ISO and mode combinations and move the marquee around the large navigator image to view 100% crops from anywhere in the frame.

Our recommended comparison cameras are loaded by default. Pick your own from the menu above each thumbnail. Only cameras reviewed since the new studio shot was introduced are currently available (more are being added all the time).If you change the shooting mode or ISO for the master camera the nearest equivalent will automatically selected for all the comparison cameras. You can also change them independently. The text will change to reflect our findings according to the ISO range selected.
Click and drag the marquee on the main navigator window to position the 100% crops. You can also click anywhere in the frame to jump to that position.You can also click and drag any of the 100% crops - the others will move too.
The 'Show Presets' button highlights the areas of the frame used in previous reviews. Just click on them to jump to that point.JPEG and RAW (where available) modes are easily accessed.
Download links are provided for the JPEG and (zipped) raw originals. Note that not all raw files are in the system yet.Shooting information is visible by holding your cursor over the cog icon to the bottom left of each crop.

Full screen mode

If you have a small monitor (such as a netbook) you may find that you don't have enough vertical resolution to see everything. Click on 'Open in Full Screen mode' to launch a window containing the same page in horizontal orientation.