I can't imagine how useful this would be, all I need now is a cable for the IrDA connector on my desktop PC...

Business Wire:

The Infrared Data Association (IrDA) announced today that it has approved a high-speed specification that allows transmission rates of up to 16 Mb/s that represents a four-fold increase in speed from the previous maximum data rate of 4 Mb/s.

Called VFIR (Very Fast IR), this extension brings end-users faster throughput without an increase in cost and is backward compatible with equipment employing the current data rate. VFIR is the lowest cost and highest speed "cableless" technology available today and is well suited for use in digital cameras, scanners, portable storage devices, LANs, notebooks, desktops and Windows CE devices.

"With this high speed extension, IrDA delivers again on its promise of convenient, cordless connectivity at the lowest cost," said Ray Chock, director of solutions engineering at Calibre Inc., and convener of the IrDA high-speed work group.

"As the file sizes of digital images increase to more than 500 kilobytes per picture for one plus megapixel image sensors, the time it takes to transfer these files will become intolerable to our end-users. The 16 MB/s extension allows digital camera users to download the entire contents of the camera in the same amount of time it takes to change a roll of film -- less than 20 seconds -- matching the experience of film cameras."

"Approval of the VFIR specification was completed in a record 9 months -- a first in IrDA's history," said Mike Watson, president of the IrDA Board. "This was achieved through close collaboration by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Sharp and the workgroup who were dedicated to meeting both market and user demands for this high speed extension." "This extension just added another great reason for end-users to demand the IrDA feature on every digital device they purchase," said Brian Ingham, marketing chair for IrDA. "IrDA was designed from the beginning for ease-of-use, and now it is also very fast."

More information can be found on the IrDA website: www.irda.org