Red has unveiled its latest camera body and announced its next-generation 8K sensor. The Weapon body will be produced in magnesium alloy or carbon fiber and is available as an upgrade for users with the 6K 'Dragon' sensor. Anyone making the upgrade to the Carbon Fiber version will then be able to pay extra to get the forthcoming 8K sensor.

The 8K sensor will be 40.96 x 21.6mm (larger than the current Dragon sensor and slightly larger than the Vista Vision format) and will be able to shoot 1.896:1 8K (8192 x 4320 pixels) at up to 60fps. It can also shoot a shorter 2.40:1 aspect ratio at up to 75fps. No other specifications about the camera are available at this time, but some pricing information has been revealed. 

The NAB price for the upgrade is $10,000 USD, after that the upgrade price when the 8K unit begins shipping at the end of this year will be $20,000 USD. Furthermore, those who order the 8K unit now will be sent the 6K Weapon when it starts shipping in early July, and will then receive the 8K upgrade when it begins shipping later this year.