Last week I took a very quick poll on of what size CompactFlash owners of that type of storage had. Ignoring the supplied with camera 8MB CF cards the majority of owners have cards of more than 32MB.

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Thirty people replied to my request, totalling 68 CF cards, of that 18 were the standard 8MB card supplied with their camera which many said they hardly used.

Of the remaining 50 cards:

  • 8 (16%) were less than 32MB
  • 10 (20%) were 32MB
  • 32 (64%) were greater than 32MB

The largest capacity was 96MB which would be the new SanDisk 96MB.

Although the accuracy of this quick poll is hardly scientific it's a fairly good representation of the capacities of CF cards used by digital camera owners, noteably that most people preferred either the 48 or 64MB cards. Hopefully soon SmartMedia will be announcing 64MB cards (assuming the newer cameras can take them) to make up the capacity differential between CompactFlash and SmartMedia (although by then CompactFlash will most probably be 128MB+).

I think it's fair to say that most people favour larger capacities for the convenience of being able to snap away without worrying about changing card, ability to take uncompressed images and because of the ever decreasing cost per MB of CompactFlash (96MB should retail for around US$250) they can easily carry large capacities of storage with them on shoots.