Ansix Engineering has taken to Kickstarter with its LensPacks, a rear lens cap backed with Velcro that can be attached to the inside of a camera bag. It's designed to speed up lens changes - when a lens swap is necessary, the photographer can twist the current lens into the waiting rear cap, then twist a different lens off of another cap. 

The lens caps are said to fit into any camera bag. If a bag does not have a lining compatible with Velcro, Ansix is offering Velcro fasteners with adhesive backing. Currently Ansix is offering Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony, and Micro Four Thirds rear caps, but it says it will support additional lens systems in the future. The company is seeking funding through Kickstarter, where it is seeking $12,000 CAD.

A pledge of $30 CAD will give backers two LensPacks, which will begin shipping in December.