Shutterfly was the most expensive set of prints that we ordered, but surprisingly they weren’t the best quality of the bunch. Although the colors were consistent and they arrived early, we didn’t love the metallic paper that they arrived on.


Shutterfly has been making prints since 1999 and in that time has grown as a company to include businesses like Tiny Prints, Lifetouch and Borrow Lenses. They are well-known for the quality of their photo books and we were eager to see how their prints look.

Ease of Service

Shutterfly is easy to use. You create an account, select the product you want to create, select your sizes and your paper quality. The paper stocks on Shutterfly are limited to Glossy, Matte and Pearl. If you need prints quick there is an option to pick up Glossy versions at Target, Walgreens or CVS (though it's not clear they're the same quality as those shipped through the site), but since we were including turn-around time in the mail we opted to have our prints shipped.

When you log in Shutterfly shows you what those images might look like printed on a coffee mug, an ornament, coasters, or even a pillow

Like the other services Shutterfly saves your images in their system. Unlike the other services, when you log back in it shows you what those images might look like printed on a coffee mug, an ornament, coasters or even a pillow. A 'smart editor' suggests crops if the image size is larger than the print size, and like the other programs you can override these auto crops, but that option is somewhat difficult to find in Shutterfly.


Prints cost $4.49 per 8x10 inch and 0.65 cents per 4x6 print. Add in $6.97 for shipping and tax and the total is $24.38, making Shutterfly the priciest service of the bunch.

Turnaround Time

Shutterfly estimated that prints would arrive by October 30. They arrived two days early on October 28.


I didn't love Shutterfly's metallic paper.

Since Lustre wasn’t an option, I opted for Pearl prints. The paper has a nice thickness to it, but I was surprised by how metallic the final products were. The prints also picked up fingerprints quite easily. The colors between the large and small prints were consistent though. My prints came with an offer of free unlimited 4x6 and 4x4 prints in the future, if they are ordered through the Shutterfly app (for a limited time).