Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos* is the cheapest print service on the list. Prints arrived on time, but print quality was inconsistent and thin packaging led to damaged prints.


Amazon’s printing service is tied to its Amazon Photos storage service. Sign in to your Amazon account (or sign up for one) to access the files that are stored in your cloud and select the 'Order Prints' option from the menu. From there it is a matter of selecting print size and paper quality.

Ease of Service

The service is very easy to use. If you already have an Amazon account, you will be able to order prints from the company by going to the Amazon Photo dropdown menu. You select the size and paper type that you want printed, upload photos and then Amazon will show you a cropped preview of the portion of the image that will be printed. You have the option of changing the crop before you order. From there it's a matter of adding the prints to your cart, confirming your address and paying. Projects will be saved inside of Amazon so you can easily order more in the future.


Amazon Photos charges $2.99 per 8x10 inch print and 0.29 cents for each 4x6 print. Prime members get free shipping (I am one), so the total, after tax, came out to $10.74 for six prints.

Turnaround Time

Amazon Photos estimated the prints would arrive sometime between October 28 - October 30. They arrived on October 29.


Several of my Amazon Photos prints arrived damaged.

The prints from Amazon Photos arrived in a very thin cardboard envelope – thin enough that it didn’t do much to protect the images inside. When I opened the package I was disappointed to see that the edges of two of the 8x10s had been damaged in transit. The paper quality is very thin and the colors between the 8x10 and 4x6 images is inconsistent. The smaller prints have a blue tint to them and appear to have been de-saturated before they were printed.

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