Also consider: MPix

MPix's pricing is in the middle of the road, the print quality was consistent - second only to Printique - and prints arrived ahead of schedule. However, we weren't fans of having to pay extra for the Lustre coating.


MPix is based in Pittsburg, Kansas and has been around since 2003. However, this company happens to be affiliated with Miller’s Professional Imaging - which has been in operation since 1939.

Ease of Service

MPix is easy to use. You create an account, select the product you want to make, upload your photos, select your sizes and paper quality. A 'smart editor' will suggest crops if your image is larger than the print size you’ve selected. It’s easy to override the suggestions using the crop and edit tool that appears under the image.

Paper options are a little different here. Users can select from E-Surface, Metallic or True Black and White. There is a second option to add a Lustre coating or a Fine Linen Texture to the print. The Lustre coating costs 0.88 cents more on 8x10 inch prints and 0.49 cents more for 4x6 prints.


MPix charges $2.79 per 8x10 inch print (plus 0.88 cents for Lustre coating) and 0.29 cents per 4x6 print (plus 0.49 cents for Lustre coating), but we were lucky with a 25 percent promotional discount on the order that knocked off $3.34. After $3.95 for shipping and tax, we ended up at a total of $13.96 for six prints.

Turnaround Time

Mpix estimated that prints would arrive 10 business days after they were ordered, which would have been November 6. They arrived much earlier, and were at my door by October 28.


The colors were consistent between print sizes and the paper quality was very nice. MPix offered the quality that I would expect from a professional level printing service.

MPix also offered solid, consistent prints.